Nikolai Zlobin
President, Center on Global Interests, Washington, DC, USA (since 2012).

Member, editorial boards of several international academic and political periodicals.

Previous positions: Senior Fellow and Director, Russian and Asian Programs, Center for Defense Information, World Security Institute, USA; executive __-editor of Demokratizatsiya, the Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization (USA).

Research interests: Russian domestic and foreign politics; international relations and international security; relations between the United States and Russia, as well as the United States and the nations of the former Soviet Union; and the politics and history of post-Soviet countries.

Author of 23 books and more than 250 academic articles on policy, history and international security published in 17 languages.

Selected publications: Russkiy virazh. Kuda idet Rossia (coauthored with Vladimir Solovyov, 2014); America – Ischadie Raya (2013); America… A Nice Place to Live (2012); Putin-Medvedev. What’s next? (co-authored with Vladimir Solovyov,2010).