№59 Anti-Elite Protests and the Future of Democracy
Richard Lachmann_Anti-Elite Protests and the Future of Democracy-
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The article reveals causes of the social protest and the emergence of qualitatively new components in relationship between the elite and society. Previously, social protests were mainly associated with developing or transitional countries, today they increasingly capture the developed countries.

The society is tired of old ideological schemes, their discrepancy to the new realities, as well as a number of new challenges (migration, climate change) are fueling discontent against the elites. The radicalization of the electorate to the right or to the left can only exacerbate the situation. According to the author, in the near future masses will play a key role in the choice of the path in developed countries.

About the author:

Richard Lachmann is Professor of Sociology at the University at Albany, State University of New York