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№52 Winter and Spring Together, Geocultural Signs of Renewal Throughout Europe
#52_Valdai paper_Winter and Spring Together Geocultural Signs of Renewal Throughout Europe
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The terrorist act in Nice, on top of this, has revealed serious political constraints of the work of intelligence agencies. French security forces are justly considered to be ones of the most professional service in the world and have often justified it during the crisis management operations in the former colonies - in Chad, the Central African Republic, etc.

But in its own country they are often unable to resist effectively Islamist groups because of problems with tolerance. All this leads to a growing discontent among officers, where it is often heard that the army in France is ready to intervene in the politics according to the Turkish model. This Valdai paper is considering a new geocultural context of the problem.

About the author:

Thomas Flichy de La Neuville, Professor of International Relations, University of Paris IV – Sorbonne, France.