Report: Towards an Alliance of Europe / September 2010
Towards an Alliance of Europe
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This analytical report proposes a groundbreaking concept of the possible relations between Russia and the European Union which are now seriously hindered by a number of issues such as political and economic disputes and misunderstandings, future security architecture and Europe’s dependence on the Russian energy resources and Ukraine’s transit capabilities. The authors suggest the creation of an “Alliance of Europe” based on the Greater Europe concept and open to all European states, irrespective of whether or not they are members of the European Union. Such an Alliance would put an end to the continent’s division and the ongoing covert and overt rivalry which is detrimental to both parties. A corresponding Treaty on an Alliance of Europe should be signed including a system of sectoral agreements promoting the demilitarization of a European politics. The draft version of this report was discussed at a special session of the VII annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club on August, 31 — September, 7, 2010. The authors implemented in the final version of the report a number of ideas developed during the meeting.


Sergei Karaganov (head of the project and main co-author), Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (CFDP), Dean of the School of the World Economy and International Affairs of the State University–Higher School of Economics 

Timofei Bordachev (main co-author), CFDP Director of Research, Director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies of the State University–Higher School of Economics
Ivan Ivanov, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research professor of the State University–Higher School of Economics

Fyodor Lukyanov, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Russia in Global Affairs Mark Entin, Director of the European Studies Institute of the MGIMO of the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation