Photo Gallery: Session 4. Economics for a New Development Philosophy

The fourth session of the Valdai Club's 15th Annual Meeting was dedicated to the topic: "Economics for a New Development Philosophy".

Russia’s key challenge is to achieve a high growth rate. Most experts acknowledge that the relative weakness of the Russian economy is the main factor limiting the country’s development – both in the international arena, where economic strength has become an important criterion for status, and on the domestic front, where it guarantees long-term development. Not only is the balance of the world’s economic powers and capabilities shifting, but ruthless competition – sometimes to the point of economic warfare – is also causing changes to the very institutions that govern global affairs. What to do when protectionism and economic pressure become the norm, when isolationism leads to stagnation, but openness and growing interdependence turn from assets into liabilities? And what to do when an increasingly complex situation renders the “liberalism vs. dirigisme” debate meaningless? What is the optimal role of the state under such circumstances? Officials will discuss this with members of the business and scientific community at this session.