Alexei Malashenko
Russian Federation


Chief Researcher, Dialogue of Civilizations Institute 

Chair of the program Religion, Society and Security of the Carnegie Moscow Center (1996–2017); Professor, National Research University Higher School of Economics (2007–2008); Professor, MGIMO University (2000–2006); Head of Islamic Department, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (1986–1999); Visiting Professor, Colgate University, USA (1990).

Author of 22 monographs. Recent monographs and publications: Should we fear of Islam? (2107); The Fight for Influence. Russia in Central Asia (2013); Policy in Russia and Russia in Policy (2013); My Islam (2010); Ramzan Kadyrov, a Russian Politician of the “Caucasian Nationality” (2009); L'islam en Russie (2009); Russia and Islam (2007); The Islamic Alternative and The Islamist Project (2006); How Chechnya Voted (2006); Russia’s Restless Frontiers. The Chechnya Factor in Post-Soviet Russia (with Dmitri Trenin, 2003).