Mohammed Ihsan
President at the Erbil International University 

Mohammed Ihsan held various positions in Kurdistan Regional Government.

(Minister) President of the General Board for Disputed Areas in Iraq (2011 – 2015). As a President of the General Board for Disputed Areas

He coordinated with the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) based in Baghdad in order to promote constructive political discussions and facilitate reconciliation between Baghdad and Erbil. (Minister) Kurdistan Representative to the Federal Government in Iraq (2007 – 2012). Minister for Extra Regional Affairs (2005 – 2011). International Investigator for Genocide crimes in Iraq (2001 – 2005). Minister for Human Rights (2001 – 2005). 

He is also a visiting Professor Near East University (2018 – present). Full Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Defense Studies Department, King’s College in London (2015 – present). Full Prof. Honorary Research Fellow, Social Science Department, University of Exeter (2015 – present). Visiting Professor University of Peace (Costa Rica) (2015 – present).