What can be expected from the US Administration in Syria and the Middle East: Valdai Discussion Club debates
Valdai Discussion Club Conference Hall, 42 Bolshaya Tatarskaya St., Moscow, Russia

On March 1, at 11.00 am, the Valdai Discussion Club (Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street, 42) will host expert debates on the priorities of the new US Administration in the Middle East.

Donald Trump's Administration declared that their approach to the Middle East would differ fundamentally from that of their predecessors of Barack Obama's Administration. However, its course and scale remain vague; it is easier to assert that the ambition has hit a deadlock. What priorities does Washington set in the Middle East as a whole and in the Syrian peace process in particular? How are they perceived by the leading players in the region?


  • Paul VALLELY, Major General, US Army (Ret.); Chairman, Stand Up America and the Legacy National Security Advisory Group; Middle East security expert, former consultant to the Commanding General of the Special Operations Command as well as the DOD Anti-Drug and Counter -Terrorist Task Forces

  • Jamal KHASHOGGI, Writer, former general manager of Al Arab News Channel and media advisor to the Saudi ambassador Prince Turki Al Faisal in London and Washington


  • Fyodor LUKYANOV, Research director of the Valdai Discussion Club, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy

The working language of the debates is English (simultaneous interpreting into Russian will be provided).

Information for media: to attend, please fill the accreditation form or call +7 926 930 7763 (Maria Miklushevskaya, Public Relations Division).

Information for participants: if you have any questions, please contact Ruben Prazyan, Event Management and Research Programs Division, by calling +7 903 730-3118.