Rein Müllerson

Professor Emeritus, Tallinn University.

Author of 30 books on international law and politics and more than 200 articles and reviews. His latest books are International Law: Rights and Politics (1994); Human Rights Diplomacy (1997); Ordering Anarchy: International Law in International Society (2000); Central Asia: A Chessboard and Player in the New Great Game (2007 and second edition in 2012); Democracy Promotion: Institutions, International Law and Politics (2008); Democracy – A Destiny of Humankind: A Qualified, Contingent and Contextual Case for Democracy Promotion (2009, in 2013 published also in Estonian); Regime Change: From Democratic Peace Theories to Forcible Regime Changes (2013, forthcoming in 2017 in Chinese); Dawn of a New Order: Geopolitics and the Clash of Ideologies (2017).