Photo Gallery: Green Agenda as a Priority of the Post-Covid World. An Online Discussion

On December 3, at 12:30 Moscow time (GMT+3), the Valdai Club held an online discussion, titled “The Global Political Climate: Will the Green Agenda Become a Priority of the Post-Covid World?”, together with the presentation of a new report “Climate Policy in a Global Risk Society.” Eleonora Tafuro Ambrosetti, Research Fellow, Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI); Maria Apanovich, Associate professor, Department of Demographic and Migration Policy, MGIMO; Pavel Cheremisin, editor-in-chief of the Valdai Club website; Anatol Lieven, professor at Georgetown University in Qatar; Elena Maslova, Associate professor at MGIMO and senior research fellow at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Roman Reinhardt, Associate professor of the Department of Diplomacy, MGIMO participated in the discussion. The event was moderated by Oleg Barabanov, Programme Director of the Valdai Club.