Valdai Club Discusses Prospects for Russia-China Cooperation

On March 25−26, Shanghai hosted a Russian-Chinese conference, Cooperation between China and Russia: The Process and Prospects, co-sponsored by the Valdai Discussion Club and the Center for Russian Studies at the East China Normal University (ECNU).

China-Russia relations have acquired a fundamentally new quality and are distinguished by trust, consideration for each other’s interests, and increasing economic openness. Russian-Chinese interaction is the focus and backbone of a burgeoning Eurasian center of power.

But the countries’ leaders are far ahead of the rest, including the government agencies supposed to ensure the “junction” in practice. A gap is emerging between progress at the top levels and the specific actions to further relations. In this connection, there is a clear need for energizing trusting bilateral expert dialogue on both relations between the two countries and international developments.

More than 50 leading experts from Russia and China specializing in bilateral and international relations will come together to offer both countries’ leaders a tentative joint vision of strategies for bilateral relations and for the world as a whole. The conference program will include the following sessions:

• The current state of and problems in bilateral Chinese-Russian cooperation;
• Russia and China in opposition to global and regional security challenges: estimates and responses;
• Chinese and Russian positions and cooperation on issues of global and regional governance;
• The Silk Road Economic Belt and cooperation within the Eurasian Economic Union.

The conference’s working languages: Russian and Chinese.

Information for media: to attend, please fill in the accreditation form or call +7 926 930 7763 (Maria Miklushevskaya, Public Relations Division).

Information for participants: if you have any questions, please contact Ruben Prazyan, Event Management and Research Programs Division, by calling +7 903 730-3118.

Download the Programme (PDF)

List of Speakers (in Russian)

Session 1: Current Status and Problems of the Bilateral Sino-Russian Cooperation

Session 2. Russia and China Opposing Global and Regional Security Challenges: Estimates and Reactions

Session 3. Position and cooperation between China and Russia on issues of global and regional governance

Session 4. The Silk Road Economic Belt and cooperation in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union


Flow of the Future. By Andrey Bystritskiy


Russia and China in 2016: Asymmetry or Harmonization of Relations? By Sergei Luzyanin


Sino-Russian Relations: Critical Moment in Deepening and Developing Cooperation. By Feng Shaolei


Sino-Russian Relations Moving on Against Challenges. By Shi Ze


China and Russia Discuss Ways to Respond to Shared Challenges. By Timofei Bordachev


Economic Partnership Between the EAEU, SCO and ASEAN. By Stanislav Voskresensky


Sino-Russian Relations: Open and Constructive Discussion. By Li Fenglin

Sino-Russian Strategic Cooperation: Responsibilities on Key Issues at a Critical Moment. By Wan Qingsong

Infographics TORG2-Eng 1.jpg

Infographics: Trade Turnover with China

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Infographics: Transit of Goods from and to China in 2015

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Infographics:Trade Between Russia and China

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Infographics: Capacity of Rail and Auto Routes from and to China