RPS Bhadauria
Major General RPS Bhadauria VSM (Retd) is presently the Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies & Simulation (CS3) at the United Service Institution of India, New Delhi. 

He retired from the faculty of the National Defence College in New Delhi after serving in the Indian Army for 36 years. He has commanded a mountain division and brigade on India’s northern borders. He has held many prestigious staff appointments at Army Headquarters. He has the unique experience of raising two large formations i.e., the Division and Mountain Corps. He has vast experience in anti-terrorist operations, both in terms of policy formulation and at the execution level.

He holds a Master of Philosophy Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from Madras University, India. He is an alumnus of the National Defence College in New Delhi and has also attended a course on Politics and Strategic Affairs at Escola Superior de Guerra, Rio-de-Janeiro in Brazil. 

He specialises in scenario-based strategic gaming exercises and regularly conducts exercises for National Defence College, Army War College, and Indian Foreign Service Institute in India. He steered the making of a computer-aided decision-making tool at the Theatre Level in partnership with Institute for Strategic Studies Analysis (ISSA).He researches strategic and security issues in the Indo-Pacific region and in South Asia. He writes regularly for the publications and other journals. He has also edited the book ‘Transnational Terrorism: Evolving Threats and Responses’.