Russia, Turkey and Iran Have More Opportunities for Cooperation than Problems and Difficulties

The trilateral cooperation between Iran, Russia and Turkey is one of the important elements of cooperation that may help the stability and security of our region, said Alireza Bikdeli, Senior Research Fellow, Former Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Turkey, in an interview with

Three main countries for the first time in their history have shown in Astana, in Sochi and in Istanbul, that they are capable to find a solution for a very crucial problem of security and stability in their own region. This is very young kind of cooperation. Of course in Iran, and in Turkey, even before, in Ottoman empire, and in Russia, there were elites that raised such a proposal for cooperation between the Russian empire, Ottoman empire and Iranian empire in the interests of our common region.

Fortunately, now we’ve been capable to build this cooperation. Of course, there are some difficulties raising from some differences in systems which we have, between three countries. But in any case, I do believe that the opportunities are much higher than problems and difficulties. We have been successfully working on the issue of Syria. As an expert for Turkey, I do believe that Turkey and Iran have more capabilities for cooperation with Russia and I’m sure that countries like Iraq, Syria and even some other countries will benefit from what we are doing in trilateral way.

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