"Optimization" of Emmanuel Macron: Good Statements and Unjustified Expectations

The most discussed result of the first 100 days of Emmanuel Macron is the fall in his rating and popularity among the French, says Valdai Club expert Tatyana Romanova. The 39-year-old former investment banker of the Rothschild bank became the youngest president of the country. It is difficult to say whether his presidential term expects complete failure or success.

The popularity rating of the new president has already dropped to 36 percent. This is lower than Francois Hollande's rating five years ago. "Among the reasons we can consider two options: either unjustified expectations, or a weak implementation of those plans that Macron has outlined," said Tatyana Romanova, an associate professor of the Department of World Economy and World Politics at the Higher School of Economics, in an interview with www.valdaiclub.com.

According to Romanova, Macron came to power on the wave of fighting against the ultra-right, led by the National Front leader Marine Le Pen. A public mobilization campaign was organized, and with high expectations. "The first hundred days of Macron did not bring any particular results; moreover, they were marked by unpopular measures, especially inside France. Reducing the number of subsidies and other "optimization" in domestic policy are unprofitable for most French people, only the top brass is the winner”, - Romanova stressed. "He even managed to quarrel with the military, which also affected his unpopularity within the country."

As to the foreign policy of the young president, he effectively places himself in the international arena, but everything was limited to "beautiful statements, beautiful actions", a desire to deepen integration within the EU in alliance with Germany, support for climate agreements. "We see declarative actions, but they have led to nothing yet," the expert believes.

On the other hand, one can hardly expect quick results. "Macron needs time to get the feel of power, understand how to act, we should keep this in mind," Tatyana Romanova concluded.

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