5G Technology Confrontation

As early as 2025, 5G networks will be available for 55–65% of users in all regions of the planet, including both individuals and small, medium and large businesses. By 2025, the technology will be used by 5 billion mobile Internet users and 6 billion mobile subscribers.

So far, the list of multinational corporations shaping the 5G technology market is short. Three companies are recognized as leaders in the development and commercialization of 5G technologies: Huawei, Nokia and Ericsson. They hold tens of thousands of 5G patents. They also account for about 80% of all international fifth generation communications equipment sales.

US President Donald Trump’s administration discusses plans to facilitate the takover of European companies Ericsson and Nokia by American tech and communications corporations to fight Huawei. Beijing is considering retaliating against these companies, if members of the European Union join the US and the UK in banning the equipment of China’s Huawei Technologies Co from being used in the launch of 5G. Who will win?

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