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Online Conference of the Valdai Club and the Japan Institute of International Affairs

The geostrategic situation in the Asia-Pacific region is characterized by an increasing US-China rivalry. The US Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific, declassified in the final days of the Trump presidency, is unequivocal in its aspiration to maintain a US-centric regional order and to contain China. Following the change of the US administration, a change in rhetoric, but not in essence, can be expected. 

How is the context of the Russia-Japan relations going to change? How will their atmosphere be determined by international developments? These issues were addressed during the joint online conference of the Valdai Discussion Club and the Japan Institute of International Affairs. The conference was held online, in a closed-door format. Tomiko Ichikawa, Director General of JIIA, and Andrey Bystritskiy, Chairman of the Valdai Discussion Club, delivered their welcome remarks to the conference participants.