Economic Statecraft
Valdai Club to Discuss Import Substitution in the Context of Anti-Russia Sanctions
Valdai Club Conference Hall, Tsvetnoy Boulevard 16/1, Moscow, Russia
List of speakers

On September 16 at 12:00 Moscow Time (GMT+3), the Valdai Club will host a discussion on import substitution in the context of anti-Russia sanctions.

Unprecedented restrictive measures against Russia by Western states have given particular importance to the issue of import substitution of foreign goods and services. The United States, the European Union, Britain, Canada, Japan and a number of other countries have introduced strict export control measures against Russia. It is forbidden to supply a wide range of electronics, equipment, machinery, industrial goods, as well as consumer goods to Russia. Russia-friendly countries are also largely deprived of the opportunity to supply Russia with goods with Western components or created under licenses from Western countries. Hundreds of Russian companies in the field of industry and high technology came under blocking Western sanctions. It is assumed that the restrictions imposed will remain for years and decades, so the issue of import substitution for a wide range of goods and services remains relevant.

Under the new conditions, the substitution of Western imports can go in two ways. The key is the rise of the domestic industry, and for this, Russia retains scientific and technical reserves in a number of strategic industries. At the same time, the task is to expand trade relations with friendly countries in order to replace in a short time those goods that are leaving the Russian market and that domestic production will not be able to master in a short time.

To what extent is the domestic industry ready for import substitution? What needs to be done by the state to support industry? Which sectors are the most vulnerable, and in which sectors can import substitution be carried out as soon as possible? Participants of the expert discussion will try to find answers to these and other questions.


  • Maxim Kolesnikov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation;

  • Aleksey Dzermant, Director, Centre for the Study and Development of Continental Integration “Northern Eurasia”;

  • Dmitry Kolobov, Director of the Department for the Development of the Industry of Socially Significant Goods of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.


  • Ivan Timofeev, Programme Director of the Valdai International Discussion Club.

Working languages: Russian, English.

Information for the media: In order to get accredited for the event, please fill out the form on our website or call +79269307763. A link to the live broadcast of the discussion will be posted on all online platforms of the Valdai Club:  on the websiteTwitterVKontakteTelegram and Yandex.Zen.