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The Ukrainian Сrisis: Quintessence of Relations Between Russia and the West?
Valdai Discussion Club Conference Hall (Bolshaya Tatarskaya 42, Moscow, Russia)
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On December 7, at 16:00, the Valdai Discussion Club will hold an expert discussion, titled "The Ukrainian Crisis: Quintessence of Relations Between Russia and the West?" together with the presentation of the special issue of Russia in Global Affairs journal – the Russian translation of the book “Everyone Loses: The Ukraine Crisis and the Ruinous Contest for Post-Soviet Eurasia”, written by Timothy Colton, Morris and Anna Feldberg Professor of Government and Russian Studies and the Chair of the Department of Government at Harvard University, and Samuel Charap, leading researcher at RAND Corporation.

The absence of mutually acceptable agreements between Russia and the West on the rules of the game and behavior after the Cold War caused mutual alienation. There is an opinion, that further negative dynamics of the relationship led to a direct clash in Ukraine - a conflict that caused unprecedented polarization in the world expert community. Today, as never before, it is necessary to analyze impartially the history, course and consequences of the conflict, to determine the root causes of the crisis.

How does the political dynamics in the US, the European Union, Russia and Ukraine affect the development of the Ukrainian crisis? What are the prospects for the conflict settlement? These and other questions will be answered by the participants in the discussion.


Samuel Charap, leading researcher at RAND Corporation;

James Goldgeier, visiting senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations; professor of international relations at the School of International Service at American University;


Fyodor Lukyanov, Research Director of the Valdai Discussion Club, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs journal

Working languages: English, Russian.

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