Role of the Blockchain in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Valdai Discussion Club Conference Hall, Bolshaya Tatarskaya, 42, Moscow, Russia

On April 27, the Valdai Club will conduct an expert discussion on the role of the blockchain in the fourth industrial revolution. The discussion will be conducted as part of Club 2035.

In today’s conditions and the rate at which technologies develop in the interest of society, business and government, the blockchain, as, on its own, a unit of scientific and technological progress, is leaving the boundaries of the financial market and cryptocurrencies, becoming an increasingly universal instrument for conducting transactions. The number of companies and governments studying the blockchain and investing in its development is constantly growing.

Most are carefully optimistic about the potentials of the technology. Its main advantages are its permanence, security, low cost, processing and checking the accuracy of documents, user identification, intellectual property protection, information storage, and contracts.

Will the blockchain be implemented en masse in all areas and what is the role of the state? What potential does the blockchain have in a world where financial technologies are becoming just about the chief geopolitical weapon? Are the expectations of the new technology, which some experts are calling “the new Internet” realistic, and what could be the social consequences of its implementation?


  • Alexey Arkhipov, Cryptotechnology Director, QIWI Group.

  • Nikolai Silin, Adviser to the Director of the Financial Technology, Projects and Process Management Department at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

  • Ani Aslanyan, senior expert at the Center for Strategic Research, founder of the @blockchainrf Telegram channel.


Club 2035 is a joint project of the Valdai Discussion Club and the Russian Venture Company, at the center of which is the discussion of the main challenges of the future and their influence on global and Russian politics.