Presentation of the Valdai Discussion Club's Analytical Report “The Future of War”
Valdai Discussion Club Conference Hall (Bolshaya Tatarskaya 42, Moscow, Russia)
List of speakers

On August 27, at 11:00, the Valdai Discussion Club will host a presentation of the Club’s new analytical report titled “The Future of War”.

The topic of future wars has become timely due to the return of great-power rivalry, intensive “proxy wars”, and the development of qualitatively new technologies.  While the socio-political element of war remains unchanged, transformations at the technological, political, and economic levels have had a direct impact on the nature, theory, and practice of warfare. The present report analyses the phenomenon of war in an era which has witnessed the emergence of a new technological order and the role of technology in shaping the future of war.

The authors of the report put forward their own concept of the “spiral-cyclic evolution” of war. According to them, it aims to provide a clearer picture of the close ties between technologies, strategies, and decision-making, as well as increase our ability to make accurate predictions about future military conflicts.

The report particularly emphasizes three types of future warfare — kinetic, cognitive, and cyber — which are most likely to serve as the basis of future interstate conflicts.


  • Maxim Suchkov, Senior Research Fellow, Center for International Processes Analysis, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO); Associate Professor, Department of Applied Analysis of International Problems at MGIMO

  • Sim Tack, Co-founder and chief military analyst at Force Analysis (via videolink)


  • Andrey Sushentsov, Programme Director of the Valdai Discussion Club; Director of the Institute of International Studies at MGIMO University

Working languages: Russian, English.

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