No more shelter

The publication of this commentary marks the beginning of online collaboration between Valdai Club, Russia as part of its Think Tank project and the Observer Research Foundation, India. This is the first in a series of planned exchanges between the two organizations on bilateral and global matters. Stay tuned for more commentaries, videos and webinars in the days ahead. "The world’s expert community is practically unanimous in arguing that the world after the coronavirus pandemic will be different. In some way, of course, they are right. Even the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that one cannot enter the same river twice. But in general, people are conservative and prefer familiar things. Even if the world has changed radically. And there’s a very high probability that the world, following the current suffering and horrors, will basically return to normal. But, I emphasize, only basically. A pandemic will not be able to evaporate without a trace, even when we become immunised, both as individuals and humanity as a whole".

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