Tim Wall
United Kingdom
Editor at RT.com.

A British journalist and editor who commutes between northeast England and Moscow. He has written extensively about Russian politics, business and society since 2003, serving as a member of the Valdai Club, an international group of Russia experts, journalists and academics, from 2009 to 2012.

A former editor-in-chief of The Moscow News, Russia’s longest-running English language periodical, and business editor at The Moscow Times daily, he also writes about global economics, the growth of protest politics and the alienation of mainstream media from reality. He has also lived and worked in Azerbaijan for four years, covering energy geopolitics and regional conflicts in the Caucasus and Central Asia for Caspian Business News, The Baku Sun and The Azeri Times.

In a previous life, he was editor of British Chess Magazine, an expert chess coach and British under 16 chess champion.