Evgeny Vinokurov
Russian Federation

Chief Economist of the Eurasian Development Bank and the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development

He was educated at the universities of Kaliningrad, Fairfield, Göttingen, Grenoble and Moscow. He earned a Ph.D. in economy from Pierre Mendes-France University (Grenoble II) and Dr. hab. in economy from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow. After several years of experience in applied economy research projects at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), the Catholic University of Leuven and the University of Jena he proceeded to working with the EDB, being responsible for macro- and microeconomic analysis in particular, as well as the development bank's research programme.

Evgeny Vinokurov is the founding director of the EDB Centre for Integration Studies since 2011. The Centre specializes in quantitative research and carries out activities in the following fields: economic integration in the Eurasian Economic Union, economic modeling, mutual investment and corporate integration, trade economics, fiscal and monetary issues, cooperation in the market for financial services, and systematic research of Eurasian integration. Over the last six years, the Centre realized 50+ projects and published 44 reports.