Landscapes of Future Tragedies

Real negotiations require genuine courage, political courage, and the realization that human lives are of great importance. It remains to be seen whether the West possesses the necessary political courage and sense of responsibility and whether it can detach itself from its rhetoric of hatred towards competitors such as Russia or China.

A so-called “Ukraine Peace Summit” recently concluded in Switzerland. The summit aimed to discuss the potential parameters for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. In reality, however, it has taken another, decisive step toward escalation, potentially leading to a world war.

A notable aspect of the current situation is that Russia, China, and India, among other countries, appear to live on one planet, while the United States and France seem to live on another.

This is largely a result of the rapid development of information and communication technologies, which have led to people being placed, often against their will, in isolated mental spaces that are difficult to escape from. Dedicated Western media outlets, hired bloggers, and other members of the new Western ruling media class in the form of non-profit organizations — along with Ursula von der Leyen (who could play the role of the school teacher or, rather, head of educational department in Pink Floyd’s The Wall) — are working to ensure that the world becomes completely divided informationally, with no possibility of finding common ground. This is a key factor in preventing peaceful resolutions to conflicts. If people are mentally and politically in different worlds, on different planets, there is no way to agree on anything. Without discussion, there can be no conclusion. However, it can be extremely challenging to reach an agreement with a deaf individual who also has paranoid tendencies.

Global Counterpoint
Andrey Bystritskiy
The melodic harmony of the modern world has yielded to the cacophony of conflict, which is only intensifying. The global military-political crisis is, regrettably, growing. It appears that significant efforts are required to address this issue.
Message from the Chairman

If we consider the discourse of the elites in Western countries, it is relatively simple. There exists a Western world that can be described as a Disney fantasy. In this world, the good king Biden, along with the somewhat obscure but charming prince Sunak, brought in by a storm from the wild lands of Hindustan, and the eccentric but straightforward Macron fight against the “dark” wizard from Russia.

The conflict arises from the fate of a mysterious creature that lives in the outlying swamps. This creature caught an arrow, dropped by accident or by design from the weakened hands of king Biden. The situation becomes more complicated due to the struggle for the throne between king Biden and another monarch from a different dynasty, who was supposedly overthrown illegally. Naturally, the ruling family accuses this monarch of having connections with the dark wizard. Of course, as in any fairy tale, there are many accompanying circumstances, other significant factors, and other vicissitudes that the protagonists of this unusual story will need to endure. One might continue with a true Vizier of India, a powerful Chinese Emperor, or Prester John (somewhere in the East), not to mention the fabulous princes of Africa, the Amazon, and Parana valleys who, for some reason, question both the intentions and sincerity of the Knights at Biden’s Oval Office. However, this is for future writers, if we survive; let us not forget that our king Biden has the power to kill more people than Merlin ever dreamed of. Moreover, many have already been killed on his orders.

It is clear that this depiction of recent events in Western media and public opinion is somewhat humorous, but also sad. However, these relatively harmless jokes are insignificant compared to the serious consequences of the Western elites’ perception of reality. They often compare the current situation to either the First or Second World Wars, or both, imagining poisonous gases used 100 years ago by Germany or Hitler’s lunatic ideas of world domination.

Unfortunately, the phantom pains of Western civilization have been transferred to modern-day countries like China and Russia, which are not directly connected to the socio-psychological problems of the West.

In order to understand this phenomenon, it is necessary to think differently and adopt a new approach. The current way of thinking has not been successful in addressing this issue. Furthermore, there is a certain degree of critical blindness with regard to the current situation.

This largely reflects the dominant cultural trends in modern Western popular culture, and unfortunately, it does influence the thinking of the local elite.

For example, last year the American film “Maverick” was released, followed by “Shadow Land” this year. Essentially, both films focus on a country, other than the United States, which has a nuclear laboratory, a reactor and other facilities. It is not acceptable for this to continue, and the United States should address this threat. There is no question about whether or not the United States has the right to interfere with the affairs of another country by bombing it, killing its scientists and military personnel, and potentially harming innocent civilians. Instead, the discussion should focus on the accuracy of the intelligence data collected. If the data is reliable, then everything is OK, but if it is inaccurate, as was the case with Iraq, there is cause for concern. Additionally, in “Shadow Land”, the elderly retired President is revealed to be a real killer, which is not surprising in either the film or real life.

I am not being sarcastic at all; in the context of US cinema, the notion that North American patriotism begins 10,000 kilometers from Washington, somewhere in Afghanistan, is entirely natural. If we question the right of the United States to govern the world in a manner that precludes any country from making significant decisions without US approval, we will not be understood within the United States. Seriously.

Furthermore, significantly, if we propose that it would be sensible to develop a system whereby the people of the world (with the assistance of certain institutions) could collectively discuss and address threats, while the United States does not play an exclusive role, a majority of the American elite would undoubtedly find this idea amusing. The notion that the elites of countries such as China, India, Russia, or Ukraine could solve their issues independently of the United States is fundamentally rejected.

As a result, an unprecedented situation has emerged: it appears that the radically global discourse space has also fractured. As I mentioned above, it seems as if we inhabit different planets, with no shared global stage. In reality, and this is both remarkable and alarming, we do inhabit the same planet and we are incredibly interdependent. Overall, it is worth re-engaging in a global discussion about the most crucial issues facing our collective survival. I am referring to humanity, because we are all mortal.

Unfortunately, the Western elite has chosen, in my view, a reaction that is psychopathic, a refusal to accept reality, and a demand to at all costs re-align our diverse world with a shape and size that is acceptable to the West.

If the world does not bend in this direction, it should be forced by all means possible. At the same time, there is a seething, raging hatred towards anyone who has a different point of view, leaving no room for discussion of an alternative structure for the world. This poses a major threat to human existence. Victory at all costs, as claimed by the West led by the United States, is the new collective Pyrrhic victory. We will use any means necessary to force others to conform.

The most interesting aspect is that, “everyone”, or rather, the majority of the world, including Russia, is now calling for a more relaxed approach and for discussion. Perhaps, a reasonable solution can be found, they say. However, the response from the West has been psychopathic. They seem to be convinced that they know exactly how things should be done. This response from the Western countries gives us chills, as if the cold breath of death itself were heard.

Thus, if we continue with these “peace summits”, things may escalate further. Destruction looms. Real negotiations require genuine courage, political courage, and the realization that human lives are of great importance. It remains to be seen whether the West possesses the necessary political courage and sense of responsibility and whether it can detach itself from its rhetoric of hatred towards competitors such as Russia or China. At present, it appears that political paranoia has taken hold. It is time to revisit Pink Floyd’s music. In addition, Alan Parker’s film from the early 1980s clearly anticipated our current situation. Listen to The Wall. It is time to tear down the walls once again and negotiate anew. There is no need for “Another Brick in the Wall”.

Dead Ends of Madness
Andrey Bystritskiy
Alas, the world is on fire. And this fire is only growing. For some reason, it seems that we don’t have enough firefighters. But there are plenty of arsonists.
Message from the Chairman