BRICS-Plus: Alternative Globalization in the Making?


On July 19, at 11:00, the Valdai Discussion Club held an expert discussion on the Valdai Paper titled “BRICS-Plus: Alternative Globalization in the Making?”

The slowdown of liberalization and integration processes in developed countries has created a need to find new impulses for the development of the global economy. There needs to be a new platform for economic integration that compensates for the inertness of the old one.The BRICS grouping, members of which are present in all key regions of the developing world, are capable of becoming such a platform. In this regard, the Chinese initiative to create BRICS+ is rather timely and may become a new engine for global economic integration.

Today, however, there is no detailed mechanism for the operation of such a system.

The discussion will focus on the principles and directions that the work of such a block of developing countries could take, as presented in Yaroslav Lissovolik's Valdai Paper.

BRICS-Plus: Alternative Globalization in the Making? Valdai Paper #69


  • Yaroslav Lissovolik, Programme Director, Valdai Club, Chief Economics, Eurasian Development Bank.


  • Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor of international political economy at the International Institute for Management Development (via video link from Lausanne);

  • Georgy Toloraya, Professor, MGIMO University, Executive Director, Russian National Committee on BRICS Research, Director, Center for Asian Strategy at the Institute of Economics,Russian Academy of  Sciences.
  • Oleg Preksin, High Commissioner for Finance and Investment, Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (ЕЕСО).