Thabo Mbeki: Multipolarity Requires Restructuring of International Institutions


According to Thabo Mbeki, former president of the Republic of South Africa, there is no more unipolar or bipolar world. We should restructure international institutions that reflect the multipolarity, to give a proper role to everybody.

It is a big challenge, because for many years the authority of the UN eroded. It is impossible to keep the Security Council configuration as it is now. Its restructuring and necessary institutional framework for multipolarity are needed.

There are huge disparities in development of countries. The capitalist system, which dominates the world, inherently produces inequality. Changes to fight disparity between countries and continents should be made globally. But how to reform the capitalist system is a big question.

In South Africa there are huge inequalities, including the remaining racial issue: wealthy white population and poor black population. The capitalist system only reinforced social divisions. And to make the system more just, in some way we should take into account the experience of the Soviet Union.