Raúl Delgado Wise: We Should Encourage a Russia-Latin America Dialogue

I learned a lot about many things we usually don't discuss in the academic circles in Latin America. But the discussions were mostly West-oriented. We should encourage a Russia-Latin America dialogue on the level of stakeholders and academicians, social organizations. There are too many misconceptions regarding Russia. We can not say that Latin Americans look at Russia through the American lens, because they don't trust much the US, there is some kind of antagonism with the US. Previously we were closer to the Soviet Union and Russia, but not understanding it totally.

We try to understand the current capitalist context, it is facing a huge humanitarian and civilizational crisis. One of the big issues that we should discuss at the Valdai Club is what kind of alternatives can we build, having Russia as military counter power, but Russia must also improve its economic power. That opens possibilities for transformation to the horizon that goes beyond the current capitalist disorder.