Moshe Ya’alon: We Are Facing Collapse of the Artificial Nations in the Middle East


According to Moshe Ya’alon, Minister of Defense of the State of Israel (2013-2016), the present collapsing situation in the Middle East is the consequence of the Western influence in the region, especially after the WWI, the Sykes–Picot Agreement and post-colonial era after WWII. Western leaders believed that by imposing their customs and values they will make stable nation states in the Middle East. But they ignored the realities.

Even in Europe we observed the collapse of Yugoslavia as artificial nation state. Middle East countries have more similarities with Yugoslavia, than with other European countries. When tyrannical regimes were removed like in Iraq or Lybia, we witnessed internal tribal or sectarian conflicts. Now we see no way to unify Syria. In the nearest future after defeating ISIS we will observe the Syrian Alawistan, Syrian Kurdistan, and Syrian Sunnistan.

Moshe Ya’alon made it clear, that the former US administration was responsible for present situation in Syria. The vacuum, created by Washington, was filled by radical Islamic movements and states, especially by Iran, which enjoys hegemony in Tehran, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. It is a typical  Shia radical Islam. On the other hand there are Sunnis, Isis and al-Qaida. Turkey is becoming leader in the region, being a member of NATO, and at the same time claiming the hegemony of the former Ottoman Empire. It is a challenge for superpowers, but also the opportunity to fill the vacuum with potentials to guarantee the equilibrium in the region.

Unfortunately, Israel is watching too many misconceptions regarding Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which now is not the main conflict in the Middle East. Israel needs to reach some kind of understanding between all parties, including Russia, USA and Europeans.