Hadiya Abbas: Syria is Ready for Political Dialogue Simultaneously with Strong Fight Against Terrorism


Hadiya Abbas, Chairman of the People's Council (Parliament) of Syria believes that the US is pursuing a hostile policy towards the country. It is not the first time that the US carries out acts of open aggression against the sovereign country, the last was a missile attack against the Syrian Air Force airbase.

Syria is ready to continue negotiations on a political settlement, but at the same time it will not stop the fight against terror. This struggle is in the interests of the whole world.

As for cooperation with major regional partners, Syria has very strong historical relations with Iran. Iran supported Damascus at the most difficult time. These are strategic relations, both countries together with Russia are conducting a common fight against terrorism. As to Turkey, relations are different, this country supports terrorists, it opened the borders for their inflow to Syria. Even within the framework of the peace conference there are doubts about the Ankara's sincerity. Erdogan has his own interests.

The future political order in Syria will be in the interest of the people. Since the beginning of the crisis Damascus was open to dialogue with all opposition forces, especially those patriotic groups, that are fighting against terror. However, some factions rejected peace proposals and continue to act in the interests of other countries.