Fyodor Lukyanov: Brewing a new wave of confrontation with Iran


Valdai Club has long been organizing conferences on the Middle East. This topic has always been at the center of attention. This year's Middle East conference is one of the most interesting. Over the past year Russia strengthened its position in the Middle East, becoming a leading military and political player. Therefore, the conference was so representational.

If we talk about the preliminary results, first, there is a very high, unprecedented degree of uncertainty in the region. Even the US became a factor of uncertainty. Everybody hopes for positive developments, but they are afraid of risks.

Second, there is an increase in tension. A year ago, we talked mainly about the Syrian conflict, now we see a brewing new wave of confrontation with Iran, a new arc of tension that already dwarfs the known nuclear deal.

Third, someone talks about the re-design of the Middle East as a whole. Other experts stress the need to preserve the current state entities at all costs despite their artificiality and fragility. If you open a Pandora's box and start to divide Syria, the consequences are unpredictable and uncontrollable. The need for stable fixation in complete uncertainty represents the background of the current Middle East conference. After this conference the work of the Valdai Club in the Middle East direction will be even more concrete.