Amre Moussa: Middle East region suffers from contradicting views and policies


According to Amre Moussa, Secretary General of the League of Arab States (2001-2011); Foreign Minister of Egypt (1991-2001), the governments of the Arab states committed many mistakes, that caused the "Arab Spring" revolutions.

Middle East region suffers from contradicting views and policies. Iran openly revealed its interests in Sanaa, Beirut, Damascus and Baghdad. This irritated many Arab leaders. Nevertheless the Arabs must accept the fact that Iran is big and important country, and its interests should be taken into consideration, but Iran should also take into consideration the interests of the Arab world.

We can talk about a new regional order, bearing in mind the interests of the Arabs, which must not be resolved only by Turkey and Iran. The Valdai Club discussions help in this area. We should speak about the security situation in the whole region, and not only in one country, including weapons of mass destruction, terrorist organizations etc.

As to non-Arab Astana talks, if Iran or Turkey, Russia or USA decide the future of Syria, it will not be received by the Arab world.  More confrontation and chaos are expected. If Astana imposes solutions for the Arabs, Arabs consider it unacceptable. Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan should be invited.

According to Amre Moussa, President Trump did not yet determine his Middle East policy, he only talked about some ideas. First of all, there are relations with Iran and fate of the nuclear deal. It is a new approach of the new American administration.

The American invasion in Iraq caused the sectarian Sunni-Shia divide, which popped up on the surface. Sunni-Shia conflict if very detrimental to the region. There are no big differences between them, but to play such a card is very dangerous.