Abdallah Al Dardari: How will we rebuild Syria?

According to Abdallah Al Dardari, Senior Advisor for reconstruction and rehabilitation in MENA, World Bank Group, the international community does not have other choice, than to start planning for the rebuilding of Syria and the Middle East.  A lot of things can be done now. The challenges will be tremendous: there is big loss of capitals, loss of human resources. The value of destroyed capital stock is around 100 billion dollars in physical assets, 1 trillion in human development. 

Even when the war is still going on, a lot of preparation and planning have to take place. The first step is to understand the exact damage, and to separate the damage from the  short, medium and long term needs. The problem is who will manage the reconstruction. Russia plays the central political and security role today. It can facilitate the international cooperation in rebuilding of Syria. It can not be done only by one country. The international cooperation is needed.