Valdai Club session and TV debates at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. Speakers


On May 24, as part of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Valdai Club will hold a session “Turning Back the Clock: Political Rivalry vs Economic Interaction” and TV debates on Russia 24 TV channel “Information Inequality: How to Rebalance the Information Landscape Globally”.

  1. BYSTRITSKIY Andrey, Chairman of the Board, Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club; Professor of the National Research University Higher School of Economics
  2. CALVO Juan María, International Relations Adviser to the president of EFE Spanish News Agency

  3. DEFTERIOS John, Emerging Markets Editor, CNN

  4. HASHEMI Seyed Zia, Director General of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)

  5. KARIN Yerlan, Chairman of the Board of JSC Republican Television and Radio Corporation “Kazakhstan”

  6. LI Bin, Deputy Director, China Global Television Network (CGTN-NEWS)

  7. ROGERS Jim, President, Rogers Holding Company

  8. ROLET Xavier, Chief Executive Officer, London Stock Exchange Group Plc (2009-2017)

  9. SILUANOV Anton, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation - Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation

  10. SIMONYAN Margarita, Editor-in-Chief, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency 

  11. XU Sitao, Chief Economist, Partner, Deloitte, China

  12. ZAKAMSKAYA Evelina, Anchor, Russia 24

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