Expert Discussion on Valdai Paper titled “BRICS-Plus: Alternative Globalization in the Making?”. List of Speakers


On July 19, at 11:00, the Valdai Discussion Club will hold an expert discussion on the Valdai Paper titled “BRICS-Plus: Alternative Globalization in the Making?


  • Yaroslav Lissovolik, Programme Director, Valdai Club, Chief Economics, Eurasian Development Bank.


  • Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Professor of international political economy at the International Institute for Management Development (via video link from Lausanne);

  • Georgy Toloraya, Professor, MGIMO University, Executive Director, Russian National Committee on BRICS Research, Director, Center for Asian Strategy at the Institute of Economics,Russian Academy of  Sciences.

  • Oleg Preksin, High Commissioner for Finance and Investment, Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization (ЕЕСО).

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