Birth of the New World: Conflicts and Responsibility. Session of the Valdai Discussion Club at the World Festival of Youth and Students-2017. Speakers

The international system has entered a period of dramatic transformation. The institutions, approaches, ideas and systems of relations inherited from the 20th century are not coping with the rapidly changing reality.


  • Fyodor LUKYANOV, Research Director, Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club; Chairman, Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, Russian Federation; Editor-in-Chief, Russia in Global Affairs;
  • Anatol LIEVEN, Professor, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service – Qatar;

  • SHENG Shiliang, Senior Research Fellow, Global Challenges Studies, Xinhua News Agency

  • Alexander Rahr, Research Director, German-Russian Forum


  • Piotr DUTKIEWICZ, Director and Professor, Center for Governance and Public Policy, Carleton University, Ottawa


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