Expert Discussion: Global Order and Great Power Politics in the 21st Century

18.10.2016 11:00 - 18.10.2016 12:30 Valdai Discussion Club Conference Hall (42 Bolshaya Tatarskaya St., Moscow, Russia)
List of speakers

On October 18, 2016, the Valdai Discussion Club will hold an Expert discussion with the participation John Mearsheimer, professor of political science at the University of Chicago and one of the key thinkers on modern political realism.

 With increased number of big states competing for a leading role in their respective regions, instability continues to spread over the world. There are entire regions reigning chaos and anarchy. Despite the efforts of the great powers, and sometimes because of them, the uncontrolled regions produce transboundary threats - extremism, migration, arms traffic, illegal substances traffic, etc. Amid this background the great powers continue to search their place in a world that is becoming more polycentric. Their common interest is how to avoid a big war, but the confrontation begins to flow into new areas - space  and world's oceans exploration, standards competition, limitations of access to technologies, etc. Despite the fact that many consider the 21st century as the century of prosperity, a potential military conflict between great powers is still possible.

The discussion will be devoted to the global world order parameters, which allow to achieve stability and justice for all participants.

Speaker - John Mearsheimer, Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago.

ModeratorDmitry Suslov,  Programme Director of the Valdai Discussion Club

Working language - English.

Venue: 11.00, Valdai Discussion Club Conference Hall, Bolshaya Tatarskaya, 42, Moscow, Russia

Information for media: to attend, please fill the accreditation form or call +7 926 930 7763 (Public Relations Division).