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Revolt of the Masses
The outgoing 2016 has shown that we observed some kind of a revolt of the masses. And this revolt takes place in large regions of the earth's territory. In some countries, for example, in the
What We Expect from the Valdai Discussion Club Conference in Singapore
One of the largest Asia-Pacific countries, the United States, is now experiencing an interesting period. The election of Donald Trump impressed almost everybody, no matter how to regard
An American Tragedy
The duel between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from the beginning was somewhat farcical. Two rather elderly and tired persons (with all the promises to increase the duration of active life)
Does the Future Start Today?
We propose to discuss a wide spectrum of problems, from technologies, which obviously affect the political agenda, to the transformation of the forms of democracy, from challenges and trends of
Summing Up Parts Not Always Brings to the Whole
In the life of a modern Islamic society we see the same elements and phenomena that one hundred years ago led to the civil war in Russia. As in Russia, a traditional community collapsed in Islamic
G20: Political Psychotherapy
The economy practically can do with no state, but the mankind needs governments. The G20 summit in China looks like an impressive illustration of the main problems of the modern world. At first
NATO Archipelago
The NATO summit in Warsaw is considered successful. But where is success? And whose is such a success? The last NATO summit in Warsaw many experts call almost historic. And it is understandable,
A Few More Questions on Brexit
It’s interesting to read international polemics the first day after Brexit. The Russian punditry is somewhat more accessible to me, but the international sort has not gone far beyond either.
Brexit forever
The vote, as many observers believe, carried a largely emotional character. But this emotion is a sign of engagement, while engagement points to a search for identity among a significant part of the
SPIEF-2016: Summer Solstice
It turns out that the current SPIEF will be largely devoted to the relations between Russia and the European Union. It is not connected with the will of the organizers and the symbolism of the place -
Russia-EU: The Unbearable Lightness of the Future
While Russia is undergoing a process of consolidation and formation of its political nationhood, the EU has the issues of multi-nationhood, hidden conflicts and weak identity. In some respects, the
Mutatis Mutandis. An Era of Diverse Changes
It has become commonplace to say that the world is "rapidly changing". A new world order is said to be emerging, and the old one is waning. But has it ever been otherwise? Did not the