Shehab Al Makahleh


President of the Jordan-based Political Studies of the Middle East Center, Founder of the US-based Geostrategic and Media Center.

Al Makahleh has been working as a media adviser for notable personalities in the Middle East. As an anchor journalist and columnist at various media outlets and think-tanks, Al Makahleh, has published scores of academic and political books. He has taken part in many international conferences in the USA, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. Al Makahleh has chronicled the modern history of his country in Jordan's Spiritual Leader: King Hussein's Charismatic Qualities and His Majesty King Abdullah II’s Traits: Leader and Teacher. Al Makahleh has obtained unprecedented access to extremists who traveled to Syria and Iraq to fight and are now serving time in prison  which helped him finish his book: Into the Terrorist Minds: Through Their Own Eyes. Dr. Al Makahleh holds a PhD in marketing politics, first Master’s Degree in Media, second Master’s degree in international politics. 


Ideological Struggle in the Middle East
The thick smoke and chaos in the Middle East is a camouflage for the real ideological conflicts, which are not religious but rather political and economic interests.
The 21st Century: More Cracks in Arab Countries
The coming war against Iran is pushed by some Arab rulers rather than Israelis who are benefiting from the state of rivalry and enmity between a number of Sunni Arab countries against Iran, blaming
Gulf Leaders’ Annual Pilgrimage to Washington
US President Donald Trump will host Gulf leaders separately in a bid to pave the way for American-Gulf summit scheduled for next spring, albeit in May in Camp David, This year’s meeting is different
US National Security Strategy: Facta, Non Verba
The most important conclusion to be drawn from the new NSS is that Trump administration officially declares its position and supports two apparently contradictory matters: The pivotal vision that
Will Yemen’s Sectarian Rift Continue to Widen?
Peace and stability in Yemen is likely to succeed only when all major players and the five permanent United National Security Council members take honest and true measures to end the bloodshed in this
Will Sochi Congress Be the Way Out for the Syrian Сonflict?
The November 13h meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Sochi will touch upon a conference that Russia is planning to host under the name:


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