Xing Guangcheng


Director of the Institute of Chinese Borderland Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

He is also professor at Graduate School, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.   

Research interests: relations between China and the Central Asian countries; relations between China and Russia; relations between Chinese neighboring countries and Chinese borderland.

Books: The strategic decisions of the high-ranking top leaders of the Soviet Union in 70 years - from Lenin to Gorbachev (1998); The relations between China and the new independent Central Asian countries (1996); The rise of the Central Asia (1993); Medvedev and Putin - the combination of the sovereign power (2009).ranking leaders of the Soviet Union for 70 years: from Lenin to Gorbachev (1998); China and Central Asia: Towards a New Relationship; Security Issues in China with Central Asian States (1998); The relations between China and new independent central Asian countries (1996); Rising Central Asia (1993).


United States-North Korea: Promises Must Be Backed by Deeds
The US and North Korean leaders met in Singapore on June 12. Judging by media reports and the text of the joint statement, the meeting was a relative success.

Xing Guangcheng
From Fear to Understanding: Change of North Korea's Attitude towards the…
Change of the basic attitude of the DPRK after its nuclear weapons upgrade, which could become rather receptive to the U.S.-South Korea military exercises
Is Warming Between the North and the South of the Korean Peninsula Possible?
North Korea’s announcement of “completing the construction of a nuclear force” makes the US face up to the threat. It is time to sit down and seriously discuss how to realize denuclearization.
The Korean Peninsula Crisis and the Role of Russia
The situation of Korean Peninsula is more and more intensified and becomes very critical. In the progress of the crisis in the Korean Peninsula, Of course, North Korea and the United States are the

Xing Guangcheng
SCO Summit: Towards Regional Integration and New World Order
Within the framework of the SCO, China continues to promote the One Belt, One Road initiative to develop business cooperation with interested countries and cooperation in the Eurasian economic space,

Xing Guangcheng
Valdai Index: Russia’s Political System Should Draw a Careful Attention
Valdai discussion club has presented ‘Russia Development Index 2011/2012’, which is of great academic value, and which reflects, at large, key opinions of international experts of various countries on

Xing Guangcheng
Tourism is the Best Way to Promote Interaction Between the Russian and Chinese…
Russia is third in the world in terms of the number of its citizens who travel abroad. China is second. In 2011, some 235,000 Chinese nationals visited Russia, which was 48% higher than in 2010.

Xing Guangcheng
The Diplomatic Wisdom of Prime Minister Putin
Unlike Western politicians, Putin does not perceive the development of China as a strategic threat. He clearly states that Chinese economic growth is not a threat to Russia, but rather, that Russia

Xing Guangcheng


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