Gábor Stier


Foreign policy senior analyst at Hungarian conservative daily Magyar Nemzet 

He is also media teacher at Budapest College of Communication. His areas of expertise are the countries of the post-soviet space, Central Europe and Central Asia. He consequently publishes works, analyzing the main problems of world politics, geopolitics, and also the following themes in his area of expertise: Russia’s development, Russia’s role in the world, relationships within the post-soviet region, Central Europe caught in between East and West.

He published a book about Russia called The Putin Mystery (2000). His analysis, columns and interviews are published in Czech, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian and Polish press. He is the recipient of many Hungarian journalist awards, and received the Republic of Poland Knight’s Cross for his contribution to strengthening ties between the two countries. Has participated in the Valdai Discussion Club meetings since 2009.


Anti-Migration Narrative Becomes the New European Mainstream
The migration crisis in Europe was much more severe two or three years ago. Back then, Angela Merkel, the leader of Europe’s strongest country, made a mistake by trying to solve the problem in liberal

Gábor Stier
European Union Runs for Life with Integration of Western Balkans
The European Union, based on the past years’ experience, decided to take an unexpected step: one of these days the geostrategic goal was defined, and this is integration of the Western Balkans

Gábor Stier
Eastern Partnership: Different Speeds, Different Understandings
On the one hand, a lot of nice words have been said, and on the other, unrealizable dreams persist. This is the mood of the Eastern Partnership summit. The European Union is cautious about the crisis

Gábor Stier
War of Civilizations: Can Terror Be Stopped in Western Europe?
Terror in Western Europe has already become a part of everyday life. Nobody feels safe. This means that the terrorists have reached their main symbolic goal - to sow terror in rich countries of the

Gábor Stier
Viktor Orban: De Gaulle’s Hungarian Successor
Viktor Orban is at odds with mainstream but thinks in terms of a strong Europe.

Gábor Stier
Vladimir Putin’s Visit to Hungary: Defying the Sanctions
The current relations between Russia and Hungary are about pragmatism and mutually beneficial approaches, not ideology. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s commitment to building closer ties with Russia is

Gábor Stier
Can “Putinism” Compete as a Political System?
Mainstream commentators in the West argue that Putin, Orban and Erdogan have created strikingly similar systems built around their personal leadership and open contempt for separation of powers,

Gábor Stier
Direct Line with Vladimir Putin: Valdai Club Experts Ask Questions
During Vladimir Putin’s annual Q&A session some members of the Valdai International Discussion Club asked him several questions. How united is the West in its desire to punish Russia? Which EU
Vladimir Putin Tops Person of the Year 2013 List According to the Valdai Club…
Valdai Club experts were polled on the results of 2013 and the most important events and people who influenced or changed international affairs The majority of the experts agreed that Vladimir Putin
Valdai Club Experts on Russian Political Trends
Putin, and the conservative advisers he is currently listening to, have yet to show that they realize the scale of the political change that is taking place in Russia. It is generational. It is an
Moldova’s “Frozen Conflict”: Overcoming the Deadlock
The wind of change must be blowing somewhere near Moldova. There have been changes in the leadership of the self-proclaimed Trans-Dniester Republic, which retains its sovereignty thanks largely to

Gábor Stier
Presidential Campaign in Russia: Decisive Battles Are Waged in the Streets
The old methods are no longer effective. If Putin wants to take back the initiative, he needs to be more open and audacious. His headquarters realized this almost too late. But now that he has taken

Gábor Stier


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