Hans-Joachim Spanger


Head of Research Group and member of the Executive Board of the Peace Research Institute, Frankfurt.

Previous Positions: Research associate at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London (1987-1988), member (since 2005) and chairman (since 2007) of the Advisory Board on “Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building”of the German Foreign Ministry.

Selected publications: “After the Caucasian War: Engaging, not Containing Russia” (2008, co­author); “Power without Purpose – George W. Bush’s Failed Policy towards Russia” (2008);“Between Ground Zero and Square One. How George W. Bush failed on Russia”(2008), “EU-Russland: Was bleibt von der strategischen Partnerschaft?” (2007), “Paradoxe Kontinuitдten: Die deutsche Russlandpolitik und die koalitionдren Farbenlehren” (2005),“Modernisierung contra Demokratisierung. Putins Russischer Weg” (2004).


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