Hans-Joachim Spanger


Head of Research Department, Leibniz Institute Peace Research Institute Frankfurt; Research Professor, National Research University-Higher School of Economics, Moscow 

Among others he is Regional Coordinator for Eurasia of the “Bertelsmann Transformation Index” (BTI) and member of the German-Russian “Petersburg Dialogue”. In 1997 he founded the “Schlangenbad Talks”, an annual German-Russian conference series on foreign and security policy. He was member (2005–2012), and chairman (2007–2011), of the Advisory Board on Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building of the German Foreign Ministry.

Recent Publications: Pluraler Frieden – Leitgedanken zu einer neuen Russlandpolitik (co-authored, 2017); Russia's Turn Eastward, China's Turn Westward: Cooperation and Conflict on the New Silk Road (2016); The Future of European Security (2015); More than a Road Bump? The German-Russian Crisis Within the Crisis (2015); The Comparative International Politics of Democracy Promotion (2014), and others.


Trump’s Move on Iran Deal Raises Prominence of Putin-Merkel Meeting
Donald Trump’s reckless policy vis-à-vis Iran has substantially changed the originally not very promising agenda of the Putin-Merkel meeting in Sochi on May 18, Hans-Joachim Spanger writes.
Warsaw, Brussels and Berlin – Not a Marriage of Convenience Anymore
It has become clear that the EU lacks the appropriate instruments to deal with such occurrences as the Hungarian-Polish obstinacy. Obviously, the EU is a fair-weather construct which becomes help- and
Where Will Escalation Over Syria Take Russia and the US?
The new situation destroys what was possibly the last avenue for Russia-US cooperation. US cannot launch missile strikes with impunity. Presumable Assad victory could lead to a displacement of
New Old European Security Architecture - Building Bridges
Arms control is not a panacea. It has never managed to transform a relationship, it just "freezes" the situation. Yet by stabilizing mutual expectations it might contribute to
Valdai Paper #47: Russia’s Turn Eastward, China’s Turn Westward: Cooperation and…
This Paper presents and analyzes the various elements connected to Russia’s Asia pivot and the concurrent moves in the East.
NATO and Russia: Will They Reach a ‘Gentlemen's Agreement’?
On Wednesday, April 20, NATO-Russia Council held its first session after almost two years’ break with the issues of Ukraine, Afghanistan, and security of military activities in East Europe high on the
Montenegro’s NATO Accession Is a Political Signal, but Not a Threat
Montenegro is not a military threat whatsoever neither for Russia, nor for NATO.
The German Unification 25 Years Later: Unfinished Business
The German unification of 25 years ago has proven an unprecedented experiment in social engineering and an equally unprecedented economic challenge for the country.
Russia Without Vladimir Putin
A “Russia without Putin” will certainly come about, probably sooner rather than later. It is therefore worth thinking about not only the consequences, but also about the prerequisites of a smooth


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