Alexander Sergunin

Russian Federation

Professor, Department of International Relations, School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University.


Russia and the U.S. in the Arctic: A New Confrontation or Damage Limitation?
Serious international experts do not see any particular alarming trends in Russia’s military behavior in the Arctic in the aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis. There was no any substantial paradigmatic
Russian Views on the Ukraine's Crisis
Mainstream Russian foreign policy thinkers believe that by ousting Yanukovych and bringing nationalistic/anti-Russian forces to power, the EU and US crossed a “red line” in the post-Soviet space. They
Climate Change in the Arctic: Geopolitical and Security Implications
It became trivial to say that climate change is the main reason and a trigger for the recent significant changes in the Arctic region. Indeed, climate change can exacerbate existing drivers of
Russia’s Policy Toward the Indigenous Peoples of the North
The Third International Arctic Forum “The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” organized by the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) will take place from 24st to 25th of September, 2013. The Forum
New Russian Arctic Doctrine: From Idealism to Realism?
Russia’s “readiness for war” is an essential part of the political discourse. Vladimir Putin, while giving a speech on a summary meeting of the Defense Ministry Board, put the situation in the Arctic
Russia’s Energy Strategies in the Arctic
More than 60 percent of Arctic oil and gas resources are deposited in areas which belong to or are claimed by the Russian Federation. It accounts for 375 billion barrels of oil. The general