Tatiana Romanova

Russian Federation

Doctor in Political Studies, Associate Professor at European Studies Department, Saint Petersburg State University, Head of Jean Monnet Chair.

Associate Progessor at the Department of World Politics and World Economics of the Higher School of Economics.

Leading researcher of the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies of the Higher School of Economics.


Stabilization of the Western Balkans: European Union’s ‘Phantom Pain’
Last week, the European Commission published the strategy for the Western Balkans, setting 2025 as the date of accession to the EU of Serbia and Montenegro to be followed by Albania, Bosnia and

Tatiana Romanova
Poland, Enfant Terrible of Europe
The threat of applying Article 7 of the Treaty on the European Union is looming over Poland, which could deprive Warsaw of the right to vote in the EU Council in connection with the violation of human

Tatiana Romanova
Pragmatism Still at the Heart of Macron’s Foreign Policy
The heart of the foreign policy course of French President Emmanuel Macron is pragmatism based on respect for all parties, says Valdai Club expert Tatiana Romanova.

Tatiana Romanova
"Optimization" of Emmanuel Macron: Good Statements and Unjustified…
The first hundred days of Macron did not bring to any particular results, moreover, they were marked by unpopular measures, especially inside France.

Tatiana Romanova
What to Expect from the First Putin-Macron Meeting
The first meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron will enable the two sides to compare notes as relations between Russia and the European Union continue to be
Macron and French National Interests
The new president of France will follow the French national interests and in this connection he has to keep good working relations with Putin. We saw this already with Sarkozy and Hollande. Becoming
Valdai Paper #54: The EU's Crises and its Future
Historically, the EU has two leadership models. The first is the leadership of the European Commission. The second is the French-German duumvirate. Today, neither of them is functioning, and the EU is

Tatiana Romanova
End-of-Year EU Summit: Another Test of European Solidarity
Three days after EU leaders met in Brussels, the European Union took the formal decision on extending economic sanctions against Russia until July 31, 2016.
European Union: Russia’s Interests and Transnational Relations
Neither Russia nor the EU has set a deadline for choosing what form their future cooperation will take. This inaction is undermining the desire to compromise and their negotiators’ creativity. Russia

Tatiana Romanova
EU-Russian Relations: Tough Love Played by a Backstage Orchestra?
In the space of a few years Russia has gradually set up both substantive and procedural alternatives to the EU's normative leadership, which is its second challenge to Brussels.

Tatiana Romanova
St. Petersburg Dialogue 2012: Revealing Underlying Contradictions?
The opening session of St. Petersburg Dialogue revealed the key differences between Russia and its German and European partners: in normativity; in the scientific picture of the world. These

Tatiana Romanova