Sergei Rogov

Russian Federation

Director of the Institute for US and Canadian Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Selected publications: Author of 300 articles and 16 books, including "The Role of the National Security Advisor in the US Decision-Making Process"; "The Search for a Balance of Interests in the Soviet-American Relations"; "The USSR and the USA: problems of Mutual Security"; "The Evolving Military Doctrine of Russia"; "Russian Foreign Policy: Three Years of Trial and Error"; «The Eurasian Strategy for Russia»; «The Russian Financial Crash of 1998»; «Nuclear Weapons in the Multipolar World»; «The New Stage in Russian-American Relations», "Russia in the New International System".


The Russian-US “Reset” Six Years On
The reset was designed to stabilize Russian-US relations, with a focus on preventing the collapse of the arms control regime. The United States and Russia agreed to sign the New START Treaty and to

Sergei Rogov
Russian-US Relations: Some Encouraging Signs
Both Russian and Western media often focus on the differences in the positions on Syria espoused by Russia and the United States. But the results of the G8 summit are nevertheless encouraging. Putin

Sergei Rogov
The Most Fundamental Interests of Both the United States and Russia Are…
Valdai Club experts are optimistic about Russian-US relations, noting that they are moving forward on major issues and there are no obstacles to progress.