Veniamin Popov

Russian Federation

Director of the Center for the Partnership of Civilizations at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).


Europe on the Cusp of Change
The past few decades have been an experiment in Europe (though not the first one, historically). Now that attempt to realize the dreams of its romantics, utopian philosophers and certain

Veniamin Popov
How Far Will Russia and Turkey Go After Renewed Ties?
Erdogan’s new position reflects the view of Turkey’s political elite and voters, as a significant part of Turkish society is in favor of developing ties with Russia.

Veniamin Popov
What Erdogan Should Do After Failed Coup
Despite failure of the military coup, Turkey remains a deeply divided country and bringing back unity must become president Erdogan’s top priority, Valdai Club experts believe.
Fighting ISIS: Facts and Lies
The whole world knows that for more than one year actions of the US-led coalition did not have any significant impact on ISIS.

Veniamin Popov
Should We Expect More Terrorist Attacks?
The West should finally realize that coping with challenges facing all of humankind and averting impending threats can only be achieved through common efforts and cooperation, primarily with Russia.

Veniamin Popov
Obama’s Revelation About His ‘Worst Mistake’ Unlikely to Change Libyans’ Fates
Last Sunday, US President Barack Obama said he believed the worst mistake of his presidency was a lack of strategic planning in Libya following the 2011 toppling of Moammar Gaddafi. "Probably
Ankara Explosion Should Prompt Turkey to Reconsider Its Policies Before It Is…
There is no military solution to the Kurdish problem, but it is clear that the Kurds – if they are really involved in the attack – are reacting to what Erdogan is doing.
Mapping the Way out of the Syrian Crisis
The US has decided to seriously consider Russia's proposal to tighten control over the funding of ISIS and other terrorist groups and to interrupt their supply routes, primarily the illegal oil

Veniamin Popov
Turkey’s Incursion into Northern Iraq Is Erdogan’s ‘Act of Despair’
Secular Arab regimes began to be seen as enemies by Erdogan’s Turkey. The Russian involvement in Syria made it clear for him that his goals were now much harder to achieve.

Veniamin Popov
The Syrian Factor: Is There a Way out of the Political Deadlock?
The entire world is discussing the Russian proposals to unite all robust forces – the Syrian and Iraqi armies, the Kurdish self-defense fighters and all regional states – and render them effective

Veniamin Popov
The Latest Conflagration in the Middle East
The sudden appearance on the Arab political stage of a sinister new figure, the Islamic State (ISIS) and its self-proclaimed Caliphate – which is not as a myth or a shadow of the past, but a

Veniamin Popov
Syria: Dialogue Is the Only Option
The situation in Syria is obviously deadlocked, with neither side able to win a military victory. The country, often called the heart of the Arab world, is being destroyed. Extremists are gaining more


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