Julien Nocetti


Research Fellow at the Paris-based think tank French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). He focuses his research on ‘web politics’ in Russia, on interactions between Internet governance and international politics, and is a specialist in Russia-Middle East relations.


Valdai Paper #68: A Cyber Revolt in the Making
Regular news reports on cyberattacks, information leaks, hacking and their political consequences have been dominating the headlines. Cyberspace turned out to be an efficient means to bring people
The Complex Geopolitics of Internet Governance
Russia, which has sought for over a decade to blur the lines between Internet governance and cyber security and to establish an exclusive bilateral dialogue with the U.S. on Internet-related issues,

Julien Nocetti
Geneva II: The International Community's Last Stand?
Without oversimplifying the situation, the Geneva II process is good news for al-Assad. The make-up of the Syrian official delegation sent to Montreux is telling, and confirms that nearly three years

Julien Nocetti
Russia’s Controversial Anti-Piracy Law
From August 1 the Russian anti-piracy law will allow copyright holders to file lawsuits against sites facilitating copyright infringement. Site owners will be required to remove content and links to

Julien Nocetti
The Russian Internet Economy
While in 2011 the Internet economy accounted for just 1% of Russia’s GDP, it was expected to grow at a rate of about 30% in 2012. Russian IT companies are going global. Some Russian national
What Lies Behind Russia’s New Laws
What ultimately lies behind the Duma’s new laws is a mixture of nervousness about a political environment that is wholly unfamiliar. The most important of this series of laws is the one on the

Julien Nocetti