Farhad Mammadov


Director of the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) under the President of Azerbaijan


The Influence of Syrian Talks on the South Caucasus
The active cooperation between Russia, Turkey and Iran may have further repercussions for the South Caucasus. Historically, the three were the main rivals in the region. Due to geography and history,

Farhad Mammadov
Valdai Paper #62: Azerbaijan’s Geopolitical Identity in the Context of the 21st…
Each state has its own geopolitical identity based on history, geography, civilization and religion. Azerbaijan's geopolitical identity has multi-layered features and connections to numerous

Farhad Mammadov
Baku - Moscow – Tehran: Geopolitical Alliance?
On August 8, 2016, Baku hosted the first-ever trilateral summit of Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia. According to experts, this meeting shows the real interest of Baku, Moscow and Tehran to bring the
When Will Nagorno-Karabakh Stop Being a Frontline?
The leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan have not offered their nations any solution to this difficult conflict, preferring to place the blame squarely on each other.
Russia Plays Key Role in Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire
Russia will question whether it has to continue the military-technical cooperation with Azerbaijan or to activate the military-technical cooperation with Armenia in order to preserve and strengthen