Orietta Moscatelli


Head of Foreign Affairs and New Europe Department, Askanews multimedia agency  

Previous positions: correspondent in Moscow for the Italian daily Il Messaggero (1990–1995); Special correspondent, coordinator, Analysis programme, Euronews – Great Britain, France (1997–2001); Diplomatic correspondent, Apcom News Agency (2001–2005); Head, New Europe desk, TM-News press agency.

Research interests: Russia and the Caucasus; Russia and Ukraine; geopolitics.

Selected publications: Chechnya, the words to understand; Ukraine, anatomy of an earthquake; essays about Russia and former USSR for geo-political magazine Limes.


Elections in Italy: Will an ‘Alliance Against Nature’ Emerge?
The Italians did not simply reject Matteo Renzi’s center-left Democratic Party, which is the real loser and collapsed below 20%, cashing the worst result ever. They not only invoked the strong
A Question of Sghei: Why Veneto and Lombardy Push for Autonomy
It has been a week since the referendum on autonomy in the Italian regions of Veneto and Lombardy regions took place. The central government in Rome is listening and watching carefully. The moment is
Italy-Russia: Keeping the Line
Relations with Russia for years paid the price of the European sanction policy that Italy is accepting with increased malevolence, but it continues to respect it in the name of the unity of the
G7 Meeting on Syria: Double Message for Russia and Growing Tensions
The US is back to the Middle East, after the apparent disinterest of President Donald Trump, and will stand on the side of "Sunni" platform, recognizing at the same time that Moscow is a key
Italy: Growing Political Uncertainty
The result in political terms is, at the moment, a “non result”. The country has not seen the financial disaster especially feared in Europe in case of a ‘no victory’ and the new government is a
The Refugee Crisis and EU Strategy
The EU has found itself unable to face a biblical immigration emergency, and is divided over what can be done to stop the Mediterranean from becoming a mass grave for desperate people fleeing war and
Relations between Russia and Europe: Expert Outlook from Moscow and Rome
Italy is one of the countries that wants to stay out of the "European choir", that is why the opinions in Europe have divided in the last months.
Ninety Years of Diplomatic Relations Between Rome and Moscow
On February 7th, Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sochi. On precisely that day, ninety years ago, Italy and the Soviet Union agreed to
Border Dispute in Russia: Chechnya and Ingushetia
Ramzan Kadyrov claims that two districts which are currently part of Ingushetia actually belong to Chechnya, posing a new threat to stability in the Northern Caucasus. It is also an indirect challenge
Putin's Next Move
Things may change in the coming months, and the president-prime minister swap could result in a difficult move to accomplish or, at least, to keep on the scene for a reasonable period. Many people in
First Chechen Campaign As a Reflection of the Russian Authorities’ Frailty in…
The failure of the first Chechen campaign and the outbreak of the second Chechen war are inextricably linked. The first Chechen conflict was sparked by a dangerous set of circumstances that had been