Andranik Migranyan

Russian Federation

Public figure; Political scientist; Director, Institute for Democracy and Cooperation, the New York City Branch (since 2008).

Member, Council on Foreign and Defense Policy (CFDP). Member, Academy of Political Sciences; Chairman, Research Council, CIS Institute; Member, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation (second convocation); Member of numerous Russian and international scientific and public associations and organizations.

Previous positions: Member, Presidential Council of the Russian Federation (1993–2000); Senior Advisor to the Committee on Foreign Relations, Supreme Council of the Russian Federation (1992–1993); Chief Advisor to the Committee on CIS Problems of Russian Parliament (The State Duma) (1994–1995); Vice-president, Reforma Foundation (1993– 2003); First Vice-President, Soglasiye Foundation (2004–2008); Chairman of the commission, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation (first convocation); Professor, MGIMO University.

Selected publications: Democracy in Russian mirror (with Adam Przeworski, 2013); Russia’s modernization and civil society (2003); Russia. From Chaos to Order? (2001); Russia in Search for Identity (1997); Democracy and Morality (1989).

Authored over 600 articles in Russian and foreign languages.

Awarded the Medal of Honor by a Presidential Decree (2009).


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