Zvi Magen


Research Fellow, Institute for National Security Studies, Tel Aviv University. Former Israeli ambassador to Russia.


Russian Presence in the Middle East: Chances and Risks for Israel
Russian presence in the region poses new challenges for Israel, creating a new situation right on its borders, forcing it to reevaluate the rules of the game in the increasingly unstable regional

Zvi Magen
Zvi Magen: Shimon Peres Was the Leader of the Peace Process, but We Thought He…
Peres was a highly respected and well-known politician. He represented a rare combination of a great politician and philosopher.

Zvi Magen
Will Moscow Steal the Show in Israel-Palestine Peace Process?
Netanyahu’s meeting with Abbas in Moscow, if it will really take place, will be in some sense beneficial to all parties.
Israel-Palestine, Quo Vadis?
The United States was the dominant external actor in the Israeli-political process while the regional actors were less significant and reluctant. Recent developments indicate a change of role for
Enhanced Security Measures Do Not Contradict Principles of Democracy
Israel for many years lives in an environment where constant security is everywhere - in state institutions, schools, public transport. The problem is that the western population is not ready for

Zvi Magen
Kurdish Independence: A Reality Check
Declaration of Kurdish independence only in Northern Iraq is a more likely scenario. Resumption of wide spread violence in Turkey makes the situation of the Kurds there quite bleak.
Putin-Netanyahu Meeting in Paris and Its Implications
Despite Russian-Israeli successful military coordination over the Syrian space, significant matters of concern remain on the agenda of Russian-Israeli relations.
The Obama – Netanyahu Meeting and Its Implications
Whether the U.S. military assistance is critical to Israel's security and military edge in the Middle East or not remains a point of contention inside Israel's security establishment. The
Israel - 67 Years of Independence
Israel is not only by far the militarily strongest country in the Middle East but she is also a rock of political, economic and social stability. In the rapidly changing Middle Eastern balance of
Will the Palestinian Authority Stop Security Cooperation with Israel?
The main challenge Israel and the Palestinian Authority are now facing is the political stalemate.

Zvi Magen
International Ramifications of the Interim Iran Deal
Iran has been a central Russian ally in the Middle East, despite considerable tensions between the two. But by renewing dialogue with the West, the new Iranian leadership has chosen another direction.

Zvi Magen
Valdai Club Experts: Agreement on Syrian Chemical Weapons Withdrawal Can…
The US-Russian plan to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons is an opportunity for Russia to demonstrate the role it intends to play in international relations.The Western models of democracy cannot be